Friday, April 30, 2010

Girl, 4 (holding phone against her ear with shoulder and talking into it while trying to pull a sparkling dress on over her clothes with her hands): "The dance party is running a little late. Is that okay? Okay, thanks, hon'."
Boy, 4: "Everybody I know isn't dead yet."

Monday, April 19, 2010

Girl #1, 4: "I'm a strawberry."
Girl #2, 4: "I want to be a strawberry."
Girl #1 (walking away): "I'm a strawberry."
Girl #2 (sobbing): "But I want to be a strawberry."
Me (walking over): "You can't be a strawberry too?"
Girl #2 (sobbing): "No, I can't!"
Me: Why can't there be two strawberries?"
Girl #2 (sobbing): "No! I love pink!"
Me: "You want to be the only strawberry."
Girl #2 (sobbing): "Yes!"